• Scientists, GIA, IGI, GCAL, HRD & all other
    Gemological & Diamond Research Institutions
    around the world spent a lot of time since last 2 years testing
    Lab-Grown Diamonds v/s Real Natural earth-mined Diamonds conducting rigorous tests and research.
  • With all results finally it proved & confirmed that all characteristics like Chemical, Physical, Thermal, Molecular & Optical properties, Qualities like Hardness, Density,
    Refractive index, Specific gravity, Light Dispersion,
    Thermal conductivity, Electron mobility & Carbon atoms arranged in the crystalline structure are Same & Similar.
  • So all results prove that there is no difference between
    Lab-Grown Diamond & Real Natural earth-mined Diamond.
  • Lab-Grown Diamonds can only be distinguished in gemological laboratory just by using Spectrum light.

Lab-Grown v/s Natural Diamond

Lab-Grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds.


They're not synthetic, imitation or simulated diamonds like Cubic Zirconia, Moissanite, White Sapphire/Topaz, Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG), Signity & Swarovski.
They're Real Diamonds,
They're Grown Diamonds.


As the awareness spreads Lab Grown Diamonds continue to skyrocket in popularity & demand, more & more jewelry companies & designers are utilizing lab grown diamonds in their products, offering consumers affordable
lab-grown diamonds jewelry.


Wake up before its too late!
Roses are Roses whether grows in mountain valley naturally or grown in your green house (designed for optimal growing conditions)
it does not make any difference in colours, characteristics & fragrance.

Just like ice from a freezer is as real
as ice from a glacier, both are ice
the only difference is origin.
And Ultimately they would realize, they wasted 5 times more money for just the place of origin of an identical product.

All you would end up with regrets.
One day you will have to wake up
after realization than why not today.

The lab reports, are identical to those for a natural diamond except the origin is clearly noted as "lab grown".


see it, you will believe it & will accept the fact
that it's real & it really exists
Lab-grown diamonds v/s
Natural mined diamonds.
Seeing the truth, knowing the truth,
but still believing the lies.


BLUMOON Lab-grown diamonds are 80% cheaper than natural earth-mined diamonds with same carat weight, color, clarity & cut. Regardless of origin, either lab-grown or natural diamonds are priced using Rapaport pricing list an internationally accepted pricing system, based on the “Four C's” of diamond.

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