BLUMOON Lab Grown Diamonds About Us

About us

Blumoon Lab-Grown Diamonds offer entire inventory stock under one location in USA.
We deliver instantly our diamonds on time at the client premises.

Our Special Features

BLUMOON Lab-grown Diamonds have grown in popularity.

Lowest Price

BLUMOON Lab-grown Diamonds
are available to consumers for best discounting -93% to -99% on Rap-price. We guarantee that no one
can beat our prices.

Best Quality

Our Vs & Si Clarity diamonds inclusions are not visible to the naked eye (eye clean) with none Fluorescence,
Ideal, Excellent & Very Good in cut
& with more Brilliance, Sparkle & Fire.
All our ideal cut diamonds display
the "Hearts & Arrows" effect.

Special Extra Discount

With a profit-sharing commission structure BLUMOON provides a special extra discount on final amount for C.O.D after discounting -93% to -99%
on Rap-price.



Our loose polished diamonds expertly selected collection of (VVs-Vs-Si) in Clarity,
(E-F-G-H-I) in Color from 0.25 ct to 10.00 cts in Round Brilliant, Emerald, Cushion,
Oval, Pear, Heart, Princess, Radiant, Rose-Cut, Fancy Colors & Perfect-Pairs.

All our Diamonds are Full White in E, F & G color &
yellowish tinch in H & I color (No brown tinch).

After seeing our inventory's 360° High definition videos of our
Lab-grown diamonds judge & compare.

  • All grading is done by trusted diamond grading laboratory in the world IGI (New York)
    laser inscription Certification number is included on girdle with HD image HD 360° video with every Lab-grown diamond offered by Blumoon.